TERRY MAGOVERN (1940 – 2007)

In his eulogy to Terry Magovern, Bruce Springsteen said “Some people when they die take whole worlds with them. That’s Terry Magovern. Terry was the last great symbol of the raging honky tonk Jersey Shore scene of the 60’s and 70’s. Bar manager, bouncer, lifeguard, father, grandfather, loyal friend, faithful working companion, Terry covered it all.”

Frank “Terry” Magovern was a force to be reckoned with – an imposing figure with a larger-than-life presence and a heart of pure gold. He grew up in Belmar, NJ and served in the United States Navy, specializing in underwater demolition work and later assigned to the Mercury Space program

Known best to the world as Bruce Springsteen’s longtime personal assistant, Terry was active in local charities, including Holiday Express and Light of Day. He developed a program to train companion dogs to protect victims of domestic violence with Apple Jack Kennels in Maryland.

In 2005, he founded the Joan Dancy & PALS Foundation. When Terry unexpectedly passed away on July 30, 2007, there was no question that the work of Joan Dancy and PALS, his legacy of loyalty and love, would continue to provide a better quality of life for ALS patients and their families.